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Samir Kumar Sahu (M.Phil,LLB) is a Social Activist & Environmentalist by training and profession with strong positive working attitude, dedication and Sacrifice in nature, which is the main instrument for him. It was here that his love for nature instilled in him a sense of commitment towards protecting the environments of five “J’s”. It was the year 1999; he took active part in socio political and environmental issues.


He raised his voice against corruption and motivated students and youth to fight against discrimination taking place with the Orissa region and formed a Scientific Research and Social, non-profit, non-political, non-religious, non- governmental organization; Mayurbhanj Biological Research (MBR) in 24th December 1999 and SAMIR KUMAR SAHU, Founder of MBR in 24th December 1999 and has been instrumental in its development since its inception, and presently Mr.Samir, hold the post as Executive Director of Mayurbhanj Biological Research (MBR).


The Organization started activities like HIV/AIDS Health Education program, and water Conservation program, (NEAC) from support from Ministry of Environment Forest, Government of  India (http://mbrsimilipalproject.blogspot.in/) and other welfare from program since inception-1999.


Mr. Samir Kumar mainly contributed towards Social Development and Biological Research, Monitoring and Evaluation, Health, Environment, Climate Change, Rehabilitation and Resettlement, Rural Development Programme, Tribal Livelihood and Indigenous knowledge. Mr. Samir also involve in Training and Capacity Building for energy, environment, health and development professional, Tribal development, networking, project management. He also published research Paper / article in National and International Journal (http://www.fao.org/docrep/014/am634e/am634e00.pdf), and annual evaluation of Heath, Rehabilitation and resettlement,  and development project, In Odisha.



MBR also working with Law carbon practice Life Style, and plantation Drive in Odisha during the Commonwealth Game-2010,New Delhi  among the Schools and Collages with the help of students and local people, MBR is the Lead Environmental partner for this program in Odisha. More than 50 thousand trees were planted during the year -2010 and some of the School/ Teacher get ”Prakruti Mitra Award” for this success of plantation program and the greening in school campus , which bring them such achievement.MBR is well acknowledge for the same by local authority.


From the date, now this organization working with major national priority project of Government of India like Socio Economic Caste Census (SECC) 2010,Odisha (Mayurbhanj, Cuttack and Raygada) Government of India  and National population Register (NPR) Photo Biometric Data Base Project ,Government of India. In Mayurbhanj, Bhadraka and Keonjhar District of Odisha.

It also implements the project like Tiger conservation and Poverty alleviation and skill training, employment link training program,etc...


The MBR working in Natural Disaster issue & management, Environmental conservation, wild life protection, climate change, food security, water & sanitation, research and evolution, training and capacity building programme.


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Samir Kumar sahu

Executive Director-Founder

Mayurbhanj Biological Research (MBR)



























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