“Conserving Nature, Preserving Life”








The management of Mayurbhanj Biological Research(MBR)  are includes its Executive Committee, Board of members/ Trustees, Advisory Board, Executive Director, and Program Directors and the ex-office so members , the project partners and work as per the institution ethic with clean ,transparency, accountability and working friendly environment for the community , volunteers, employee, donor partners and. With the working principle as:


People - Directing the activities and looking after people


Financial - Using financial resources in the best possible way for the organisation in line with accept grant –in-aids, project’s, membership subscription, donation, and consultancy service etc..


Materials - Making sure that materials are used in the most productive way with the minimum waste


Machinery and equipment - Using the most appropriate machinery and equipment, and making sure that it is maintained, replaced and updated where necessary


Time - Ensuring efficient use of time


Buildings - Making sure that premises are safe and are being used in the best possible way


Information - Making sure that the organisation uses the most effective information processing technologies.


Members are the title-holder of a Mayurbhanj Biological Research (MBR). They contribute their time, knowledge, wealth, and energy for the growth and full function of the MBR and the right to be represented by Executive Directors at board meetings. Directors are the elected representatives of MBR – membership. Executive Director – Chief Functionary is responsible for ongoing decision making in the business and is the Final authority take any decision is Final and binding. Non-Executive Directors provide regular advice to the MBR but are not directly involved in the day-to-day supervision of the Organizational activities.





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