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 Details of Members:




Samir Kumar Sahu,  Activist and Environmentalist  by training and profession,  Till Date ; Samir,  actively working more the 21 years  with various national and International working environment  with most  responsible Government  Project, World Bank Mission Project (OSRP)  and WHO, and other Research and Development project   also.  Expert in  Monitoring and Evaluation, R&  R,  Implementation and  NGO Networking, Training , Project formulation and Budgeting.

Samir Kumar Sahu

Founder - Executive DIRECTOR

Mayurbhanj Biological Research (MBR)




Himanshu Sekhar Mohanty , Social activist and Nature Lover. More than 26 year experience the field of Social and developmental issue and capacity building and training , peace Building  export .

Himanshu Sekhar Mohanty


Mayurbhanj Biological Research (MBR) 


Nityananda Sahu , Development activist and Nature Lover. More than 27 year experience the field of Social Training, networking and developmental issue off farm agriculture export..

Nityananda Sahu

Vice -President

Mayurbhanj Biological Research (MBR)


Padmanava Nayak, activist and Social expert and financial management with accounting export and office Administration he is more than 24 year of experience with academic office  management.

Padmanava Nayak


Mayurbhanj Biological Research (MBR)


Satyanarayan Mishra ,  Activist and IT export with  20 years of experience  in education ,  Training ,capacity Building with Environmental education and cyber education export.

Satyanarayan Mishra

Coordinator IT project

Mayurbhanj Biological Research (MBR)


Alok Kumar Dey , is an activist and  more the 28 years  of community Forestry and office Establishment, networking, documentation and off farm agriculture  export.

Alok Kumar Dey

Establishment MANAGER

Mayurbhanj Biological Research (MBR)


















































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