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 Right to Information:



MBR’s appointed one Public Information Officer (PIO) for provide the information link to the Supreme Court (SC) decision, as per the guideline of RTI Act. 2005 and MBR Operational Policy.


MBR involved with the issue dates back to 1999 long before the Right to Information Act came into being in 2005.  The initial efforts of the organisation were geared towards campaigning for the enactment of the RTI Act.2005.   For this the organisation carried out RTI program  in the State with key stakeholders like legislators and civil society actors, tried building an informed constituency on the issue through circulation of newsletter and theme specific publication and  held demonstrations and sit ins in district headquarters as well as state capital with partner organization.


Following the act coming into being, the organisations efforts have been focused in building the capacities of its target group members in making appropriate use of the provisions of the act and in guiding them through the process of filing petitions and ensuring that they get a response.




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