“Conserving Nature, Preserving Life”






 Work for Social cause - Fund Seekers:



MBR also invite the NGOs/ Trust/university time to time as per the scope of the work and funds available for the specific purpose as entrusted to MBR by any Development agencies  and or  with its own funds, it invite application or proposal in the different Social and Biological fields from time to time. MBR also encourage applying for such but not limited to.


There is not any limit of funding volume but it depends upon project to project specific and availability of funds with MBR and its supporting donor /funding agencies.  As per the project guideline notified during the financial year (1st April to 31st March)or published in the web or mass-media.


MBR may consider any of Proposal /project /application during this financial year or next year or May cancel the entire proposal / project/ application without assigned any reason their off.




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