“Conserving Nature, Preserving Life”






 Invest for Social cause -  for CSR Donors (with refer to Team India):



*      Agriculture, Food Securities and Livelihood;

*      Bioscientific Activities, Clinical Research and outsourcing;  

*      Development Research and Capacity Building Training ;

*      Disaster Management, Relief and Rehabilitation;

*      Environment, Wild life ,Biodiversity Conservation;

*      Employment Link Skill Training, Capacity Building and Awareness;

*      Higher Education, Information Technology and Research Study;

*      Monitoring, Evaluation, and Documentation, E-governess;

*      Policy and Research on various Societal Developmental issues;

*      Rural Development, Health care , Solar /Energy, Culture  and Traditional Knowledge ;

*      Tribal Development and Research ;

*      Water and Sanitation.

*      Women and Child Development, Save Girl Child.




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