“Conserving Nature, Preserving Life”






 Strategies of MBR :



Mayurbhanj Biological Research (MBR) working with the principle and maintaining the following strategies to achieve its Goal:-


-- MBR is a Bridge between the people and Govt. programme.


-- MBR Bridge between the traditional Knowledge to advance Scientific Research. 


-- MBR prepares and implements self-projects, Programme and conduct Scientific Research Studies especially on the Biotechnology, Bioscience, environment and development related issues and as need for the welfare of the Global People.


-- Analyse, suggest and influence the any Government in policy making


-- Identifying key entry points for different thrust areas and key target groups within those areas for initiating and consolidating gain to be derived from the effort.


-- MBR promotes public awareness and capacity Building in the field of Environment, Health, Education, Culture, Social assets managements and implement of Govt. Programme, etc




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